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YP4C Mission & Overview:

Mission: To increase community service and civic engagement among young professionals of color, and in doing so, assist in strengthening economically-disadvantaged urban communities.

In support of its mission, YP4C focuses on three areas: supporting community-based organizations, promoting awareness and involvement around issues impacting underserved communities and improving urban public education.

  • Charitable Fundraisers: We raise funds for impactful community-based organizations and charities, and in particular, those that are focused on increasing achievement levels and empowering disadvantaged youth.
  • Issue Advocacy Events: We organize events designed to raise awareness on issues impacting poor communities. We also leverage these events to increase involvement of young professionals in advocacy efforts surrounding these issues.  These events include forums, panels and even cocktail receptions.
  • Wadleigh High School Speaker Series: On a weekly basis, we bring in young professionals of color from a variety of professions and backgrounds to speak to the students about career opportunities, offer advice, and most importantly, to inspire by example.  Our goal is to highlight examples of young urban success, and in doing so, combat negative images and promote achievement.
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